Job Interview

had one today.. it's a part-time one. since school is out i have time to add a summer job to my other part-time job. i have to be honest, though. my heart isn't too into this one, but if i do get the job i will be more than grateful. i'll find out on thursday.

reminder to self: the job is a daily 3-hour teaching job in a small office setting.

Random #2

my apologies to my readers (as if i have more than 3..haha!) for haven't been active here and haven't been reading your stuff. i have been active in other things--work, my other work, love life, my other love life (kidding!!), social life, etc. i hardly remember the last time that i've gotten this busy. i suppose it's been awhile. i miss having days like this one. it was an easy day today. i took the day off from my other job because i had to attend a friend's birthday luncheon, after that, i took a nap. after my nap, i watched a movie in bed. after the movie, i had taco bell for dinner. after dinner, i decided to create this post. it was a great stress-free day.

last april, i created a random post stating what i felt about the people around me. i read my post again and felt slightly ashamed of how bitter i sounded. i don't normally complain about things like that, so i'm thinking now that i probably had mood swings during the time i posted that. either that or someone did something that triggered my sudden burst of emotions. either way, i wasn't proud of it. normally, i'm a very understanding person and i try to put myself in other people's shoes, but some people can be mean-spirited and do things to hurt others and that's when my grip on humanity loosens up. maybe that's the reason why i very rarely watch the news.

anyway, i've been reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (since i never got the chance to read it during my younger years) and i'm almost done--two chapters to go. that was going to be my summer read. i didn't realize it was a short book. now i need a new book to read. i went to the bookstore when i picked up Gatsby and i had a hard time picking through books. i really want a good one.