Social Networking

WARNING: i can safely say that i am on HATER MODE right now as i am typing this. 

Social Networking. what's it really for? well, that's an easy question to answer.

to catch up with old friends. to reunite with long lost loved ones. 


it's to share with everybody what you ate today, your tacky bathroom picture, how happy you are because everything in your life is so great, or better yet, the reason why everyone should empathize with you because the world hates you. 

or maybe..

just to show off everything about you. new bags, shoes, nail polish, new gadgets, new problems, even your new body! 

i'm not saying i'm not guilty of doing some of the things above, because i'm sure most of us are guilty on this one. i suppose people are free to do whatever they want. we create our profiles and tweak it to our liking. we can say whatever we want to say. post whatever we want to post. so what's the problem?

i don't know, but i guess when i see too much of it on profiles of certain people, i get the sense that that's who they really are and they have no problem sharing with the world. 

i've created categories for these different types of personalities:
the show-off: they bought something new and cool so they'll share it to the entire world wide web because they're very excited about it. 
the emo: most of the posts are about being broken-hearted. you're not carrying the world's problem. chill pill. 
i like to rant: it seems these are the type who can't ever be pleased with anything. they're always complaining about the pettiest things! most of the things they rant about are first world problems (if you don't know what i mean by "first world problems", look it up).
everyday update: they've literally turned their profile pages into a daily diary. ok fine. 
vain: unless you have a really stinkin' hot body, or have a really godly-lookin' face, then you're excused. if not, then stop the duck face, the eyebrow lift, and the "i'm sexy and i know it" poses that you do when YOU take a  PICTURE of YOURSELF (i have more to rant about this, but i'll stop here, before i say something i'll regret). 
lurker/stalker: self-explanatory. either stalking the love of their life or their enemy.

if in moderation, they wouldn't be annoying. however, most are excessive and really get on my nerves (or they just become hilarious). i feel that they're shallow, but who am i to say, right? i guess i'll just try to understand where they're coming from. 

i can probably fall in the "i like to rant" category. like now, i am ranting about the things that annoy me about people on social networking sites. i can also be in the "lurker/stalker" category. teehee. 

anyway, i don't mean to offend anyone. 
well, if you are offended then you're guilty and that's okay too. 

which category would you fall in? be honest to yourself now.