What Summer Break?

there's no such thing anymore--even my weekends are booked. i teach in the morning from monday through friday, then i work at the video store thursday nights and on the weekends. as much as i'd like to go on a mini-vacation and go out of state, it seems unlikely to happen at the moment especially with the new teaching job that i landed on. i suppose i'll just take this great opportunity to save up for the rainy days. 

while my work situation is in a good pace right now, the situation at home could be better. it's too crowded in the house. there's too much noise. therefore resulting to having less privacy. 

i don't like expressing displeasure, but at this point i need to, and this blog is the perfect spot to do so. i wanted to post something more meaningful or something with better content, but it's not happening right now.

i am very thankful for the jobs, though. don't get me wrong. 

enjoy your week, everybody!