Getting Through It

this excerpt is from the AWESOME CALENDAR 2012 for MONDAY, DECEMBER 31. i just want to share it with everyone, because i'm sure everyone can relate to it. here it goes...

It's been a long year.

Some crushing lows slapped you and smacked you around. There were times your heart dipped and you squinted back tears while your stomach squeezed so tightly you couldn't sleep. Loved ones hurt, friends didn't stay, someone dear to your heart drifted away.

But as you walked your hard path down your long, bumpy road some awareness and strength dripped into your bones. This year you grew in ways you don't even notice yet. As you struggled you empathized, as you slipped you understood, as you worked you earned, as you looked you learned, as you dared you grew, as you jumped you flew. 

Yes your dreams are still focusing and your passion is growing. Your energy is still bubbling and your story keeps going.

So stop for a second to smile at everything you've done this year...everything you've seen...everywhere you've been...


so for this coming new year, we'll be wiser and stronger. have a happy one!

26th Day of Christmas

i hope everyone had a really merry christmas this year. mine was good. on the 24th i spent the day with my bf and his family. on the 25th i spent the day with him again. hehe. we watched the movie DJANGO, which was pretty good. if you're a fan of Quentin Tarantino's work, then you'll also like DJANGO.

my mom's in the philippines so she didn't spend christmas with us this year. it was pretty boring at home. my brother had work. my other brother and my dad spent christmas together since i was out and about--that was cute. as for gifts, i received a couple--a watch and a running jacket from my bf; a top, perfume, and chocolate cookies from guru camille; a scarf and a pair of gloves from my boss; and a couple more from other people. good stuff. there's still a few more friends that i have to buy gifts for.. better late than later.

i have been the laziest when it comes to reading other people's posts. forgive me. maybe in 2013 i'll be a better blog hopper. i hope. hehe.

14th Day of Christmas

like i've mentioned in my previous post, i love the holidays season. it's only the 14th day of december and i've already received some gifts. pretty awesome. feeling grateful. i've received a running jacket from my boyfriend (you won't see this, but thanks love), a cake pop mix from a co-worker, a restaurant gift card (also from a co-worker), and lastly, a winnie-the-pooh ornament (that i had to give away to my friend, because i don't have a christmas tree. lol.) that i received from an ornament exchange christmas party at work. 

i have also given a few gifts to some people--even better. for my boyfriend, i also gave him a running jacket (trade lang. hehe.). for the co-worker who gave me a cake pop mix, i gave her a scarf and a picture frame. for the co-worker who gave me a gift card, i will be giving her fancy tea. yes. fancy tea. for the ornament exchange, i gave away a polar bear ornament. different, but still festive. 

for guru camille (for those of you who know her), i asked her bf what i should get her for christmas and he said a mortal kombat ps3 game. lol. ok. so that's what i got her, but i haven't wrapped it. 

we also have a secret santa thing at work. for those, i always hope i pick someone cool and today, i did. very excited to start buying this person a gift. 

almost done christmas shopping. yay! 

1st Day of Christmas

it's a saturday and i actually woke up early and did something productive. it's a good way to start december. i love the holidays season. it's cold and rainy. everybody's busy thinking about all the people they care about and what to get them for the 25th. i just love the feeling. i like giving gifts to people. it really does give a better feeling than receiving. 

note to self to remember: Gello, a former blogger, inspired me to work on my rubik's cube again. so i did and i am finally able to beat my 2-week record with an 11-minute one. cha ching! lol! 

Thanksgiving 2012

it's one of those days..bored to death.

don't get me wrong. i have tons of stuff to do and things to take care of, but instead i'm procrastinating. it's nothing new and i do it all the time. who am i kidding--i'm being very lazy because i don't feel motivated. i feel unmoved. i feel like blah. i don't feel sad. i don't feel happy. i don't know how i'm feeling.

i'm on a week break from work for the thanksgiving holiday. i've been spending my time doing things that are not on my priority list--for instance watching t.v., sleeping in, wasting time, etc. pretty much avoiding the thing that i need to do the most while i have all this free time. today, i slept in, watched t.v., somewhat cleaned up my closet, and watched the movie "you've got mail" for the nth time. it never fails to cheer me up and make me feel good inside..temporarily.

now that i actually feel like i'm stepping into the world of adulthood, there's a feeling of uncertainty. i don't know if i'm fit for this lifestyle--if i can endure all the trials. i don't know if i can prove to myself and everyone else that i am worthy to become an official member of this society. i feel that i've accomplished the things that i wanted to accomplish, but at the same time, i don't feel like it's sufficient. i'm just tired of having to prove myself all the time. i must be going through something right now. i just don't know what.

Social Networking

WARNING: i can safely say that i am on HATER MODE right now as i am typing this. 

Social Networking. what's it really for? well, that's an easy question to answer.

to catch up with old friends. to reunite with long lost loved ones. 


it's to share with everybody what you ate today, your tacky bathroom picture, how happy you are because everything in your life is so great, or better yet, the reason why everyone should empathize with you because the world hates you. 

or maybe..

just to show off everything about you. new bags, shoes, nail polish, new gadgets, new problems, even your new body! 

i'm not saying i'm not guilty of doing some of the things above, because i'm sure most of us are guilty on this one. i suppose people are free to do whatever they want. we create our profiles and tweak it to our liking. we can say whatever we want to say. post whatever we want to post. so what's the problem?

i don't know, but i guess when i see too much of it on profiles of certain people, i get the sense that that's who they really are and they have no problem sharing with the world. 

i've created categories for these different types of personalities:
the show-off: they bought something new and cool so they'll share it to the entire world wide web because they're very excited about it. 
the emo: most of the posts are about being broken-hearted. you're not carrying the world's problem. chill pill. 
i like to rant: it seems these are the type who can't ever be pleased with anything. they're always complaining about the pettiest things! most of the things they rant about are first world problems (if you don't know what i mean by "first world problems", look it up).
everyday update: they've literally turned their profile pages into a daily diary. ok fine. 
vain: unless you have a really stinkin' hot body, or have a really godly-lookin' face, then you're excused. if not, then stop the duck face, the eyebrow lift, and the "i'm sexy and i know it" poses that you do when YOU take a  PICTURE of YOURSELF (i have more to rant about this, but i'll stop here, before i say something i'll regret). 
lurker/stalker: self-explanatory. either stalking the love of their life or their enemy.

if in moderation, they wouldn't be annoying. however, most are excessive and really get on my nerves (or they just become hilarious). i feel that they're shallow, but who am i to say, right? i guess i'll just try to understand where they're coming from. 

i can probably fall in the "i like to rant" category. like now, i am ranting about the things that annoy me about people on social networking sites. i can also be in the "lurker/stalker" category. teehee. 

anyway, i don't mean to offend anyone. 
well, if you are offended then you're guilty and that's okay too. 

which category would you fall in? be honest to yourself now. 

What Summer Break?

there's no such thing anymore--even my weekends are booked. i teach in the morning from monday through friday, then i work at the video store thursday nights and on the weekends. as much as i'd like to go on a mini-vacation and go out of state, it seems unlikely to happen at the moment especially with the new teaching job that i landed on. i suppose i'll just take this great opportunity to save up for the rainy days. 

while my work situation is in a good pace right now, the situation at home could be better. it's too crowded in the house. there's too much noise. therefore resulting to having less privacy. 

i don't like expressing displeasure, but at this point i need to, and this blog is the perfect spot to do so. i wanted to post something more meaningful or something with better content, but it's not happening right now.

i am very thankful for the jobs, though. don't get me wrong. 

enjoy your week, everybody! 

Job Interview

had one today.. it's a part-time one. since school is out i have time to add a summer job to my other part-time job. i have to be honest, though. my heart isn't too into this one, but if i do get the job i will be more than grateful. i'll find out on thursday.

reminder to self: the job is a daily 3-hour teaching job in a small office setting.

Random #2

my apologies to my readers (as if i have more than 3..haha!) for haven't been active here and haven't been reading your stuff. i have been active in other things--work, my other work, love life, my other love life (kidding!!), social life, etc. i hardly remember the last time that i've gotten this busy. i suppose it's been awhile. i miss having days like this one. it was an easy day today. i took the day off from my other job because i had to attend a friend's birthday luncheon, after that, i took a nap. after my nap, i watched a movie in bed. after the movie, i had taco bell for dinner. after dinner, i decided to create this post. it was a great stress-free day.

last april, i created a random post stating what i felt about the people around me. i read my post again and felt slightly ashamed of how bitter i sounded. i don't normally complain about things like that, so i'm thinking now that i probably had mood swings during the time i posted that. either that or someone did something that triggered my sudden burst of emotions. either way, i wasn't proud of it. normally, i'm a very understanding person and i try to put myself in other people's shoes, but some people can be mean-spirited and do things to hurt others and that's when my grip on humanity loosens up. maybe that's the reason why i very rarely watch the news.

anyway, i've been reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (since i never got the chance to read it during my younger years) and i'm almost done--two chapters to go. that was going to be my summer read. i didn't realize it was a short book. now i need a new book to read. i went to the bookstore when i picked up Gatsby and i had a hard time picking through books. i really want a good one.

Random #1

lately, i've been so judgmental about everyone--how i dislike this, this, and this--the way they act, talk, move, etc. naiinis ako sa kanila. parang pare-pareho lang silang lahat. pero naiinis din ako sa sarili ko for being judgmental. ah ewan. ang yabang ko lang.

anyway, the weather's been so unpredictable lately (earthquake weather, ika nga). baka nga totoo na ang pag-guho ng mundo this year. there's been earthquakes everywhere, but who's to say when the world will end? i guess we don't really know when our time will be up. as cliche as it may sound, people still say "live your life to the fullest", but as much as we'd like to live our lives to the fullest, it's just kind of impossible, i think. well i guess the meaning of "living life to the fullest" is subjective. i can be climbing the tallest mountains of the earth and living life to the fullest or i can be on my couch all day and still be living my life to the fullest. whatever works. the thing is i'm a very lazy person in terms of chores, so does that mean i shouldn't worry about folding my clothes anymore? because i don't perceive that as living my life to the fullest. just a thought. teehee.


kay bilis talaga ng panahon. akalain mong malapit na palang mag April. anyway, this month i started working again in the education field. i work as a substitute teacher. so far super enjoy naman ako. madali lang kasi ang trabaho tapos gusto ko pa yung ginagawa ko. at syempre naman sobrang mas okay ang sweldo kesa sa video store, which i am still doing. para naman may weekend gig kahit papano. gas money din yun. kumbaga yung nakukuha ko dun, yun na yung allowance ko. the rest, for my bills and for my future needs. naks. talagang may ganon? ok din tong substitute teaching gig eh, i get to experience all grade levels from Kinder to 8th grade. high school di ko kakayanin. nung nag sub ako for an 8th grade class, after 3 hours with them, alam kong di ko kakayanin. mas makukulit pa kesa sa mga maliliit na bata.

anyway ulit, nabanggit ko dito sa blog ko before na may dalawang test ako na kelangan i-take at ipasa in order for me to get my permanent teaching license. so far i've taken the first one. next month ko pa malalaman ang resulta (namaaannn..major gudlak!) at yung pangalawa next month na din kelangan i-take. hayyy parang walang katapusan. pag napasa ko both i can apply for my teaching credentials, then hopefully get an actual teaching job (which is sobrang hirap sa bansang itoh at the moment! omg.). pagkatapos nun, i can have my own classroom. yes! well, sana pumasa muna.

yun lang muna ang update. babush!


2nd Grade Male Student: Ms. P, do you know what FE is?

Me: No, what do you mean by FE? What's FE?

Student: It's iron!

Me: Ohhh... F E. Yes, you're right. It is iron.

Student:  Yeah..from the table of elements!

Me: Wow...very smart!


Ms. P

last friday i had my first ever substitute teaching assignment. bigla kong namiss ang classroom. bigla kong namiss mga bata. anyway, 2nd graders ung nakuha kong assignment that day. kakatuwa. ang kukulit, pero maayos na makipag usap kahit papano.

Patrick: Ms. P, i'm reading a third grade book and i'm on chapter 3. no one else has a third grade book.
Me: Good for you Patrick!

Corynn: Welcome to our school (then hugs me)
Me: Awww.. thank you sweetie.
Corynn: You're a nice teacher.
Me: Thank you. I try.

Me: Okay boys and girls. Today, we're going to write about carousels--what you felt when riding a carousel and what you saw around you when you rode a carousel.
Students' responses: food! monkey! zebras! bunny rabbits! people walking around!
Me: you guys see animals when riding a carousel?!
Students: yeah! at the zoo!
Me: I don't think they have carousels at the zoo.
Students: yeah they do.
Me: Oh okay, maybe they do.

Me: Okay so what did you feel when you were riding a carousel?
Students' responses: fun! happy! joyful! excited! peaceful! excellent! dizzy! vomiting!
Me: Wow, such big words boys and girls!

natutuwa ako pag mga bata ang tinuturuan ko. nagpa-power trip kasi ako eh. utos ako ng utos. gustong gusto kasi nila eh. nag-uunahan pang lumapit sakin. hahaha!

wala lang. i jotted this down to remember my first day subbing. fun stuff!


may mga ibang taong nagsasabi na happiness is a choice daw. eh bakit sa ngayon eh kahit anong pilit kong maging masaya eh hindi naman epektib. ang hirap kalabanin ang sarili. hindi talaga magkasundo minsan ang puso at utak. 

walang kinalaman 'tong entry na toh sa lovelife ko pero kung gusto nyong i-konek. fine. 

tipong depress ka dahil sa kung anumang rason at gusto mong makabangon--gusto mong maging ok, pero wala kang lakas. maghahanap ka ng kausap pero wala kang mahanap. sa facebook paulit ulit naman. sa twitter ganun din. unless na gusto mong i-announce sa buong mundo ang problema mo, pwede mong takbuhan ang fb at twitter, pero kung hindi naman public ang emoshit mo, eh gudlak na lang. kaya ba ung ibang tao eh it takes them years to recover from a personal tragedy or disaster..? siguro nga. 

sa tingin ko ay hindi naman ganun kabigat ang bumabagabag sakin. siguro dahil iba to sa mga naging problema ko kaya iba rin ang nagiging epekto sakin. normally ay positive akong tao. hindi ako nagpapaapekto sa sinasabi ng mga tao. maapektuhan man eh, usually ok na ko pagkatapos ng ilang araw. this time, iba eh. hindi ako mapakali. 

anyway, sana lumipas na. 


i was tagged in superjaid's here it goes.

  • post 11 random things about yourself
  • answer the tagged questions
  • create 11 questions for the people you tag to answer
11 random things about myself
  1. pinaglihi ako sa pinya
  2. favorite ko ang v-cut chips saka piattos
  3. i'm a hands-on learner
  4. i wear contact lenses because i'm practically blind
  5. i was always yellow ranger when my cousins and i played power rangers. saber-toothed tiger!
  6. i don't mind having the subtitles on when watching movies
  7. it bugs me when people misspell my name, but i don't hate on them or anything
  8. i'm very bossy and like to boss people around
  9. i can be observant 
  10. i like roadtrips and hotel rooms
  11. i want to be a boss someday, so i can literally say "like a boss".
answers to the questions asked by superjaid
  1. bakit yan ang napili mong url ng blog mo? di ko alam eh. thought it was unique :)
  2. kung papipiliin ka, maasim, matamis, o maanghang, bakit? matamis. kasi may tamis ako. haha!
  3. kung may pagkakataon kang tumira sa ibang planeta, anong planeta ito at bakit? hirap nito. wala ako maisip. siguro i'll stay here on earth na lang.
  4. ano ang pinakaayaw mong maging trabaho, bakit? taga-akyat ng punong niyog. baka mahulog ako eh.
  5. paano, saan, kanino, at kailan nangyari ang first kiss mo? nagmeet kami sa ilalim ng hagdan sa school..8th grade ako. 7th grade sya. 
  6. ano ang una mong sasabihin sa ex mo kapag nakita mo sya? "uy! kamusta?" 
  7. kung magiging type of cake ka ano ka and why? madali lang toh. chocolate. favorite eh. 
  8. kung pwedeng piliin ang bilang at kasarian ng magiging anak mo ilan, at ilang babae o lalaki ang gusto mo? siguro isang babae at isang lalake lang.
  9. ano gusto mo, iwanan o mang-iwan? mang-iwan, mas masakit ang maiwanan eh. ako na insensitive.
  10. kung magkakaron ka ng pagkakataon na makausap ang presidente ng pinas ano ang sasabihin o itatanong mo sa kanya? "Noy, pwedeng pa picture at autograph?"
  11. and lastly, sino ang pinakainspirasyon mo sa buhay except sa pamilya mo, at bakit? i inspire myself. lol.
11 questions for the tagged people to answer (for empi, rico, dhianz, iya)
  1. sa tingin mo ba ay makasarili kang tao?
  2. kung naghihikahos ka na sa buhay, wala kang mga kaibigan, pamilya, asawa o anak, at grade 6 lang ang tinapos mo. ano sa tingin mo ang gagawin mo para magsurvive?
  3. kung artista ka, anong madalas na gagampanan mong roles?
  4. what are you most self-conscious about?
  5. kung papipiliin ka ng pagkain, at yun lang ang pagkain mo for one month, what would it be?
  6. ilan ang true friends mo?
  7. meron ka bang sikretong ni-isang tao ay hindi alam?
  8. burial or cremation?
  9. what's the most adventurous activity you've ever done?
  10. what's one personality/characteristic of a person do you dislike the most?
  11. do you have anything to say to me?

Valentine's Day

for me was yesterday. i spent the day at home watching Grey's Anatomy. i also received flowers from my boyfriend na itago na lang natin sa pangalang "Poy". he got it delivered :)

haba ng hair ko

later on in the evening he took me out on a dinner date at a seafood restaurant that he made reservations for. kilig lang. hehe. 


wala lang.. just wanted to jot down what i did for Valentine's Day this year so that i don't forget. hehe. hope everyone else had a sweet Valentine's Day. 

lastly, gusto ko lang sabihin na emo masyado yung babae sa 2:30. haha. this is literally a classic!

"Sadya nga bang ganyan, pag nagmahal ay di matatakasan."

I'm Addicted

to watching Grey's Anatomy. I don't know why no has has ever convinced me to watch it before. I'm not big on watching television. I don't even have one in my room--maybe that's the reason why I'm not big on watching television. Well anyway, I do watch shows, but on my laptop. I watch three to be exact--New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, and now Grey's Anatomy. I used to watch Budoy, but I got tired of it.

Anywho, I got into Grey's Anatomy because I was watching tv in the den and it was on..then I was hooked. Just like that. I haven't been here in awhile because of that show. I just started a few days ago and now I'm almost done with Season 2. I hope it doesn't get crappy in the later seasons.

I missed blogging and I missed talking to my friends here, but this is a short one.

So who's got a date on the 14th? ;D

Banyo Queen

ang tanda tanda ko na, nadudulas pa ko sa banyo. langya. sakit sa pwet!
pag-apak na pag-apak ko sa tub, nadulas ako. buti na lang di tumama ulo ko.
pero shieeeetttt, sa puwet talaga. sa left butt cheek. haha! bukas may pasa na 'toh.

natawa na lang ako eh. nakakahiya sa sarili..


At Work

walang magawa. all i do at work is watch movies. i eat, too. this is the life. haha. it can get boring though, but it's okay. i'd rather be bored than tired. harhar! anyway, i work part-time at a video rentals store. pinoy at american movies ang pinaparenta namin. it's located in a filipino plaza. katabi ang Seafood City, Valerio's, Mabuhay Kitchenette, Jollibee, Chow King, Red Ribbon, Grill City, at marami pang iba. ibig sabihin karamihan sa customers ko ay mga pinoy. masaya kasi maingay, magulo, at saka kumportable. iba-ibang klaseng pilipino ang nakakasalamuha ko pag nandito ako sa trabaho. nakakatawa nga eh.

  • kasama ang mga maiingay at makukulit na mga bulilits na kumukuha na lang bigla ng candies at syempre ipapaalala ko sa mga parenthoods na bayaran yung candy na kinuha ng anak nila 
  • mag-asawang di makapag-desisyon kung action film ni jackie chan o ang labteam nila sarah at gerald ang  rerentahin nila
  • ang anak na gustong rentahin lahat ng anime
  • "magkano?! $2.25?!" 
  • "bakit due agad bukas? di ba pwedeng sa makalawa na?"
  • "hindi ko napanood kagabi eh. pakiextend naman ng one day."
     me: sige po. $2.25 po ulit."ha?! ganun ba? sige wag na lang. 
  • "ang tagal ng service. susme! wala naman tayo sa Pilipinas."
     me: ay teka lang po. mag-isa lang po ako eh (at hindi lang po kayo ang customer dito).
  • "bakit wala pa yung pinareserve kong movie? kagabi pa yun, hanggang ngayon di nyo pa 'ko  tinatawagan."
    me: nako pasensya na po. mahaba po kasi ang listahan ng reservation eh (hindi ka nag-iisa sa listahan).
  • mahaba pa ang listahan na 'to. pinaikli ko lang. 
manyakis looks
  • matanda
  • lonely sa buhay
  • amoy yosi
  • matagal sa x-rated section ng store
  • kung makatitig sakin.. eek!
  • marami
  • magulo
  • sobrang tagal sa store
  • nag-aaway away sa kung anung movie ang rerentahin. nakakatakot o komedy film? kasi bawat movie na ma-suggest ng isa eh panigurado at least isa sa kanila ay napanood na.
  • sama-samang pumasok sa x-rated section at dun sila lalong nag-iingay sa lakas ng tawa.
  • dala ang either real or fake bag na LV, Gucci, Coach, at kung anu anu pang mamahaling bag.
  • may simple lang 
  • meron din maraming suot na bling bling
  • refer to maangal section
nurse/medical field
  • laging last minute mag-rent. di tuloy ako makapag closing ng maaga.
  • naka scrubs uniform
  • dala din ang name brands na bag (LV, Gucci, Coach, at kung anu anu pa). most likely hindi na fake.
  • haggard look
  • pinagmamalaki ang movie collection nya.
  • wala daw ba kaming blu-ray movies for rent kasi ayaw nya daw quality ng dvd. fine. (dahil puro dvd players pa din gamit ng masa kaya dvds and pinaparent out namin). 
mga di marunong tumingin sa movie sections at magbasa ng movie descriptions
  • "miss anung bago movies?"
     me: ah marami po (sabay sabi ng mga new movie titles).
    "ah..tungkol saan ung movie na un? maganda ba un? anu un barilan? anu un drama? anu un komedi? anu un bold? (gahhhh!!!)
nakakatuwang isipin kasi kahit iba-iba ang mga pagkatao at attitudes nila at kinabbwisitan ko ang iba sa kanila, eh hindi lang nila alam na they all have something in common. they all like to watch the same tagalog films. Praybeyt Benjamin, No Other Woman, Won't Last A Day Without You, at marami pang iba. 

wala lang. share ko lang. 

Ang Babae

buwan buwan na lang! laging sumasakit. nakakapanghina tuloy. buti na lang day off ko. buti na lang pwedeng mag relax. pero grrr.. tipong buong katawan ko eh nababalot ng painful sensashunsss. ampf! ang dami kong pwedeng gawin eh. hayy.

anywhoo, i was out of state the last three days. medyo nagrerecover pa from my mini vacation. nagpunta kami sa Las Vegas--the sin city. i won a whoppin' $50! yeaaahhh..that's how i roll! 

putek ang sakit talaga. mamaya na nga. kabitin mag blog. gaaah!!


being an android phone owner adik lang ako sa paghahack ng phone ko. haha! oras at pawis ko ang nauubos. pero super enjoy naman ako. dami kong natutunan at nakakatulong din naman 'toh sa pagpapalipas ng oras ko (extended ang bakasyon). pangalawang phone ko na 'to na na-hack ko, kaya feeling ko eh napaka-geeky ko na. dami kong natutunan na terminologies saka codes. parang matrix lang. weh? uber customizable kasi ang android. nadagdagan internal space ko. bumilis sya. saka iniba ko na rin ung customizations. yay!

anyway, napaka senseless ng post na 'toh. excited lang talaga akong ipagyabang na na-hack ko phone ko. haha! 

any other android users out there? 


it's the 16th of the first month of the year. gusto kong magsulat pero walang maisip sa mga oras na toh. sana maya-maya may pumasok na sa utak ko.

(makalipas ang ilang minuto)

ang hirap talaga kapag hindi sang-ayon ang paniniwala mo sa paniniwala ng iba. laging may hindi pagkakasunduan. maaring lagi rin may alitan. o kung wala namang gulo ay may iwasan na lang na magaganap. pwede rin na magkahiwalay-hiwalay na lang ng landas ang iba't ibang panig para wala nang halong drama. gulo man o iwasan, di pa rin maganda ang ending. magulo ba tong sinasabi ko o maingay?

gusto kong magbigay ng halimbawa sa sarili kong buhay kahit medyo alangan ako. alangan dahil personal na masyado. pero ayos lang para magampanan ng personal blog ko ang purpose nya sa buhay.

halos tatlong dekada na akong nabubuhay at sa loob ng maraming taon, marami na rin nabuong pagsasamahan, pagkakaibigan, at pagmamahalan (naks). punong-puno ng tawa, saya, alkohol, karaoke, chibugan, lihim, luha, murahan, at problema ang naging kwento ng barkada. umandar ang buhay habang sama sama at lumago ang samahan. tumibay ang kapit sa isa't isa. lumaki ang tiwala. nasa kasagsagan ang pagkakaibigan. masaya lahat kahit may problema kasi may karamay.

pero patuloy ang pag andar ng buhay. dumami ang responsibilidad ng bawat isa, pero tila kumonti ang oras sa isang araw, isang buwan, isang taon. nagbago ang ihip ng hangin. naging mas malamig. naging tahimik ang bawat gabi. paunti-unting humina ang tawanan, lumungkot, kumonti ang bote ng alkohol, nasira ang karaoke machine, naubusan ng pulutan, kumonti ang lihim na natutuklasan, nawala ang murahan, dumami ang problema--hanggang tatlo na lang kayong nagtititigan, dalawa na lang kayong kumakampay, at mag-isa ka na lang nagmumukmok sa kwarto mo.

habang tumatakbo ang oras, nagbabago ang paniniwala. nadadagdagan ang kaalaman. may ibang mabilis gumanda ang buhay, may ibang walang pagbabago, at may ibang pilit ibinabalik ang nakaraan hanggang yun na lang and nagiging mundo nila. di maiiwasan ang maging mahina habang ang iba'y palakas ng palakas. magbabago na ang pananaw tungkol sa isa't isa. mag-iiba ang opinyon tungkol sa iba't ibang bagay. di maiwasang magkumparahan ng estado sa buhay. magkaka-inggitan, magkaka-inisan. hiwalayan ang hantungan.

ang dating barkada mo na walang pwedeng tumibag sa tibay ng kapit, ay guguho din pala.

ang hirap talaga kapag hindi sang-ayon ang paniniwala mo sa paniniwala ng iba. laging may hindi pagkakasunduan. maaring lagi rin may alitan. o kung wala namang gulo ay may iwasan na lang na magaganap. pwede rin na magkahiwalay-hiwalay na lang ng landas ang iba't ibang panig para wala nang halong drama. gulo man o iwasan, di pa rin maganda ang ending. magulo ba tong sinasabi ko o maingay?

How To

Survive A Break-Up by Petra Mahalimuyak

superjaid, this one's for you :)
and for everyone else who might need this.


just rabbit is one of the awesomest living things that God created.
always hungry, but sheesh, very picky with food. spoiled sa parents ko as in!

Friday the 13th

the most unfortunate day. does anything bad really happen? i hope not. as a kid i'd always be stuck at home because my grandma would never let me out of the house. so and so might happen according to her. well, i never left the house so i never found out if anything unfortunate could have really happened. wala lang. naisip ko lang..

lam ko na kung anong malas. may tigyawat ako sa kilay. sa kilay! WTH?!

While On Break

since i'm done with school, i've just been waiting for my degree to get processed so i can finally start applying for jobs. dun dun dun dun!!! but i still have to pass those two tests so that i can get a permanent job. review will start in february. i'm really disappointed with myself kasi naman sa daming tests na kinailangan kong i-take yung last two yung talagang pinaglaanan ko ng oras at talagang inaral ko. kasi yung ibang tests di ko inaral saka nag procrastinate pa 'ko. siguro yumabang lang ako at feeling ko eh ipapasa ko talaga. haha! nakarma..bagsak tuloy. kainis.

so ngayon extended na naman ang bakasyon ko. may part-time job naman kahit papano. sarap ng buhay...weh?! hehe. tambay tambay lang muna. iwas gastos. mega tipid mode talaga ngayon. dami kong planong gawin at puntahan this 2012. eh kung wala akong trabaho pano ko naman magagawa yun. gudlak diba.

so dahil nakabakasyon nga ako ngayon. napagtuunan ko ng pansin si Budoy. oo ung show na Budoy. katuwa eh. pinagpupuyatan ko pa talaga kasi di ko naman alam ung show na 'yun til recently lang. nabanggit lang sakin nung kaibigan kong patay na patay kay Gerald. so ayun Budoy marathon hanggang kagabi nahabol ko na ung pinaka latest na episode.

aside from Budoy, i'm reading a book called Up the Down Stair Case by Bel Kaufman--about halfway done. yay! i've also been spending time with poy and that's always a good thing.

despite my current situation, there are still more good things than bad.


fail! welp..of all the tests i could have failed, yun pang last two tests. bakit ganun? nakaka depress. nakakapanghina.

here's to another challenge i have to face. hayy.

i miss my students.

The Girl at the Video Store

kaloka. 11 hours akong nagtrabaho today. no complaints kahit ganun pa man--kesa naman walang trabaho diba. saka extra money din tong extra gig ko. the more gigs the better kaya rumaraket ako ng bonggang bongga. since nakagraduate na ko, hinihintay ko na lang ma-clear ung transcripts ko para makakuha pa ko ng mas maraming raket. excited na ko!

namimiss ko na ung mga ibang active bloggers dati..san na kaya sila? busy din siguro sa buhay buhay.

sana maging mas malawak pa ang pag-iisip ng mga tao..wala lang. random thought lang. dami pa din kasing makikitid ang utak.

Goals and Objectives

wow it's day 2 of 2012 already. how our days go by quickly! last year was full of great things, though i'm not saying that it didn't consist of heartaches and heartbreaks, because it did. however, we shouldn't delve into the ugly events of the past. negativity takes up more energy than its opposition sooo.. this year's goal is to stay positive.

last year's goal was to be even more brilliant (walang kokontra), which i thought was a success. i met my 2011 objectives and on my way to meeting those objectives i learned quite a handful. i'm eager to learn more because "knowledge is power" sabi nga nila. unfortunately, i did have one goal that i did not get to meet--blog more often. becoming more brilliant took up majority of my time and energy, therefore blogging had to be put aside for a little while.

during the last four months of 2011, i was required to take three major tests associated with my future career. i passed one of them. the results of the other two will be revealed in four days. i am feeling very anxious, but excited at the same time. no matter the results, i just have to stay positive. my future plans depend on the results of those two tests and they will be life-changing plans. good luck!

i hope everyone had a good new year's day celebration.
here's to the auld lang syne!

2012 Happy New Year

happy new blog! it has been forever..bakit ba?! anyway, i'm here to start anew, hence the new blog. i've been waiting for this year to come, not because of the rumored end of the world, but because i feel it will be a really good year and good things will happen.

here's a few of the good things 2011 gave me and that i'm very grateful for:
  • good health for me and my family
  • to see Lady Gaga in concert
  • a trip to the Philippines
  • a boyfriend
  • a new job
  • to see Pacquiao and touch his guns (proud pinoy eh)
  • my Bachelor's Degree
although i had a super busy 2011, it was my year and i hope 2012 will be the same. 

cheers everyone! have a wonderful 2012! magpasabog na!
time to start my blog attack!