Random #1

lately, i've been so judgmental about everyone--how i dislike this, this, and this--the way they act, talk, move, etc. naiinis ako sa kanila. parang pare-pareho lang silang lahat. pero naiinis din ako sa sarili ko for being judgmental. ah ewan. ang yabang ko lang.

anyway, the weather's been so unpredictable lately (earthquake weather, ika nga). baka nga totoo na ang pag-guho ng mundo this year. there's been earthquakes everywhere, but who's to say when the world will end? i guess we don't really know when our time will be up. as cliche as it may sound, people still say "live your life to the fullest", but as much as we'd like to live our lives to the fullest, it's just kind of impossible, i think. well i guess the meaning of "living life to the fullest" is subjective. i can be climbing the tallest mountains of the earth and living life to the fullest or i can be on my couch all day and still be living my life to the fullest. whatever works. the thing is i'm a very lazy person in terms of chores, so does that mean i shouldn't worry about folding my clothes anymore? because i don't perceive that as living my life to the fullest. just a thought. teehee.


  1. napaisip din tuloy ako kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng live your life to the fullest sa sarili kong pananaw haha =D

  2. naghahanap ka na naman ng dahilan para magpakatamad... kainaman!

    pero napaisip ako dito.. may point ka din naman paminsan minsan e no? yabang din lang! bwahahaha!

  3. musta my dear? akoh ren lazy sometimes or most of d' time lately?... i dunno extreme akoh... either super sipag or super tamad... swerte moh pag naabutan moh akong super tamad.. lolz.. nd i agree with d' weather.. yeah itz been weird lately... nd yeah akoh ren i've bitter den lately... yeah ayon... sige magulo ren yutakz koh lately.. napadaan to say hi to yah.. *hugz* Godbless!


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