Random #2

my apologies to my readers (as if i have more than 3..haha!) for haven't been active here and haven't been reading your stuff. i have been active in other things--work, my other work, love life, my other love life (kidding!!), social life, etc. i hardly remember the last time that i've gotten this busy. i suppose it's been awhile. i miss having days like this one. it was an easy day today. i took the day off from my other job because i had to attend a friend's birthday luncheon, after that, i took a nap. after my nap, i watched a movie in bed. after the movie, i had taco bell for dinner. after dinner, i decided to create this post. it was a great stress-free day.

last april, i created a random post stating what i felt about the people around me. i read my post again and felt slightly ashamed of how bitter i sounded. i don't normally complain about things like that, so i'm thinking now that i probably had mood swings during the time i posted that. either that or someone did something that triggered my sudden burst of emotions. either way, i wasn't proud of it. normally, i'm a very understanding person and i try to put myself in other people's shoes, but some people can be mean-spirited and do things to hurt others and that's when my grip on humanity loosens up. maybe that's the reason why i very rarely watch the news.

anyway, i've been reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (since i never got the chance to read it during my younger years) and i'm almost done--two chapters to go. that was going to be my summer read. i didn't realize it was a short book. now i need a new book to read. i went to the bookstore when i picked up Gatsby and i had a hard time picking through books. i really want a good one.


  1. apparently, im one of the 3 readers of yours hihihihi

  2. at isa din ako sa talong yun. anyway..bihira din akong manuod ng news kasi nakakadepress at stress lang. hehe

    nakatawa ako ng slight sa other lovelofe akala ko totoo wahaha

  3. thank you jepoy and superjaid! haha! grouphuggg!! LOL!

  4. pasali po sa group hug. lolz. Kung di po ako nagkakamali magkakaron ng movie na Great Gatsby. siguro based po un dun sa book na sinasabi nyo..

    wala. napadaan lang. dati lang pong reader sa MOV nyo.


  5. Hi vic! Syempre kasali ka sa grouphug :D at oo meron ngang movie soon with Leo DiCaprio.


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