What Summer Break?

there's no such thing anymore--even my weekends are booked. i teach in the morning from monday through friday, then i work at the video store thursday nights and on the weekends. as much as i'd like to go on a mini-vacation and go out of state, it seems unlikely to happen at the moment especially with the new teaching job that i landed on. i suppose i'll just take this great opportunity to save up for the rainy days. 

while my work situation is in a good pace right now, the situation at home could be better. it's too crowded in the house. there's too much noise. therefore resulting to having less privacy. 

i don't like expressing displeasure, but at this point i need to, and this blog is the perfect spot to do so. i wanted to post something more meaningful or something with better content, but it's not happening right now.

i am very thankful for the jobs, though. don't get me wrong. 

enjoy your week, everybody! 

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  1. hinay hinay sa work sis. para di ka magkasakit. and yung bout sa ingay sa bahay nyo magear plugs ka na lang para makahanap ka ng katahimikan kahit papano. God bless


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