Goals and Objectives

wow it's day 2 of 2012 already. how our days go by quickly! last year was full of great things, though i'm not saying that it didn't consist of heartaches and heartbreaks, because it did. however, we shouldn't delve into the ugly events of the past. negativity takes up more energy than its opposition sooo.. this year's goal is to stay positive.

last year's goal was to be even more brilliant (walang kokontra), which i thought was a success. i met my 2011 objectives and on my way to meeting those objectives i learned quite a handful. i'm eager to learn more because "knowledge is power" sabi nga nila. unfortunately, i did have one goal that i did not get to meet--blog more often. becoming more brilliant took up majority of my time and energy, therefore blogging had to be put aside for a little while.

during the last four months of 2011, i was required to take three major tests associated with my future career. i passed one of them. the results of the other two will be revealed in four days. i am feeling very anxious, but excited at the same time. no matter the results, i just have to stay positive. my future plans depend on the results of those two tests and they will be life-changing plans. good luck!

i hope everyone had a good new year's day celebration.
here's to the auld lang syne!


  1. You should add a button to your layout that lets me follow you through Google friend connect (unless I'm missing it somehow), I'd like to keep up with your writing.

  2. chikee i hope everything will be fine. im praying for your success.. happy new year

  3. ganda ng layout!anyway..i hope positive ang result ng tinake mong test..ang i also hope that like 2011..maachieve mo rin lahat ng plans mo for 2012 sis..God bless =D


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