2012 Happy New Year

happy new blog! it has been forever..bakit ba?! anyway, i'm here to start anew, hence the new blog. i've been waiting for this year to come, not because of the rumored end of the world, but because i feel it will be a really good year and good things will happen.

here's a few of the good things 2011 gave me and that i'm very grateful for:
  • good health for me and my family
  • to see Lady Gaga in concert
  • a trip to the Philippines
  • a boyfriend
  • a new job
  • to see Pacquiao and touch his guns (proud pinoy eh)
  • my Bachelor's Degree
although i had a super busy 2011, it was my year and i hope 2012 will be the same. 

cheers everyone! have a wonderful 2012! magpasabog na!
time to start my blog attack! 

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