14th Day of Christmas

like i've mentioned in my previous post, i love the holidays season. it's only the 14th day of december and i've already received some gifts. pretty awesome. feeling grateful. i've received a running jacket from my boyfriend (you won't see this, but thanks love), a cake pop mix from a co-worker, a restaurant gift card (also from a co-worker), and lastly, a winnie-the-pooh ornament (that i had to give away to my friend, because i don't have a christmas tree. lol.) that i received from an ornament exchange christmas party at work. 

i have also given a few gifts to some people--even better. for my boyfriend, i also gave him a running jacket (trade lang. hehe.). for the co-worker who gave me a cake pop mix, i gave her a scarf and a picture frame. for the co-worker who gave me a gift card, i will be giving her fancy tea. yes. fancy tea. for the ornament exchange, i gave away a polar bear ornament. different, but still festive. 

for guru camille (for those of you who know her), i asked her bf what i should get her for christmas and he said a mortal kombat ps3 game. lol. ok. so that's what i got her, but i haven't wrapped it. 

we also have a secret santa thing at work. for those, i always hope i pick someone cool and today, i did. very excited to start buying this person a gift. 

almost done christmas shopping. yay! 


  1. bumalik agad ako...sabi mo eh... ang saya naman at andami mong early xmas gifts... I wanna see the jacket your bf gave...para mahusgahan ang taste niya...lol

  2. bakit walang follow button? I wanna be updated to your new posts... I like this page...like I said as a reply on your comment sa post ko, May Taray...

    1. Ay wala ba.. Hehe. Lalagyan ko para sayo pag gising mo mamaya meron na.. Parang magic lang.

    2. Magic nga... Ikaw na may salamangka...


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